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About Us

Farrar is an international media agency with truly global capabilities. We're at home working in all major markets.

A really good international media planning team is rare and worth its weight in gold!

Digitalisation has fragmented the world of paid communication into a variety of sub-disciplines, holistic media planning is the denominator that straddles this plethora of specialisms as well as the traditional media options. Media planning is driving the communication process, inextricably linked to the creative proposition, often leading it. Increasingly its where the ‘big idea’ comes from.
Different markets evolve at a different pace but the general tendency is undeniable and that is precisely why you (as an advertiser or as an agency) need a proven and successful international media team at your finger-tips. You want an international media buying agency that can manage your day to day requirements impeccably but also one that has the confidence and the knowledge to create and manage that ‘big idea’ internationally. We can do both these things. We’re experienced in a wide range of brand categories and trusted by successful consumer, b2C and b2b names, as well as governments and other public bodies to deliver original and effective communication solutions, on an international basis.

We know how tough it is out there right now..

It’s tough operating in a global pandemic, tough for brands, tough for the media and tough for the marketing sector as a whole. Every penny counts, identifying the right media strategy is absolutely critical. We're experienced and we’re here to guide you on a multi-market, multi-media basis. And we’ll talk facts, not froth.

On line continues to grow exponentially, for many the mantra ‘digital by default’ may be truer now than at any point but what of the other generic media categories? What does the future hold for OOH in and around major international transport hubs? How have monthly magazines suffered in markets not driven by subscription, how have newspaper circulations (print and digital) been impacted and what of radio? We know drive time audiences have shrunk in some markets but overall listening is still increasing whilst audio, through digital and podcast, is growing, attracting both traditional spot buys and sponsorship. In many markets linear TV is suddenly looking like good value, will this last and what of solutions like BVOD? And for b2b brands where media schedules were traditionally punctuated by major international trade fairs, what if there are no fairs?

And we know our stuff.

Operating since 1988 from our offices in central London, the centre of the international advertising industry, we also enjoy a network of partners covering over 30 markets worldwide. International is in our DNA, it’s not something we dabble in from time to time; no hastily put together collaboration based around a couple of one off projects. It’s what we do, day in, day out.

Our clients stay with us in excess of twice the industry norm, we think that speaks volumes.


John Farrar

John has spent 30 years in international advertising, initially he gained experience working as a media owner for various international TV, magazine and daily press groups in Europe before founding Farrar in 1988. John's key sectors of expertise are...

Peter Wright

Peter has a BA from the University of Bristol and is a German speaker who has spent over 30 years in international media having worked for numerous successful full service agencies including KHBB and Harrison Cowley before joining Farrar in 1989. Peter's key sectors...

Mark Hanlon

Mark is a TV planning heavyweight although he wouldn’t say that himself. Starting initially at ITV he went on to senior TV roles at Leo Burnet, Starcom, CDP Media and M2M where he was also Joint Head of Investments. Mark's approach to...

Martin Gentsch

Martin is a Swiss national, naturally he speaks three languages. Following a BA in Economics (St. Gallen) and Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing/Advertising (Bienne Institute), Martin has amassed 32 years international media experience, including...

Richard Britton

After a postgraduate in marketing management, Richard joined Chris Ingram Associates in 1987. He spent most of the next 11 years there in various roles including Group Account Director and Media Director looking after a wide range of clients such as...

Yuki Okubo

Yuki is Japanese and a fluent English speaker.  Yuki came to us from leading global agency dentsu where she worked on a number of clients including Nintendo, Hitachi, NEC, Uniqlo and SMBC.  Yuki manages a number of accounts at Farrar and...


Everyone promises good service, we obsess about it.


Creation of a global media strategy, campaign planning and implementation.


Single market solutions or multi-market solutions.


A special focus on solving complex international media briefs up to US $20M in value.


Support for new market operations.


Liaising with the client’s other suppliers of marketing services to ensure the benefits of a holistic communication programme.

Our Network

Our Network spans over 30 countries across 6 continents.

Our Network spans over 30 countries across 6 continents.

From our offices in London we have established close working relationships with media agencies and full service agencies around the globe. From Boston to Bangalore, from Copenhagen to Cairo, from New York to New Delhi. They all play a vital role in helping us plan and implement our multi-market campaigns. And because all we do is operate internationally, we talk to them a lot too (it’s not just something cobbled together for a single assignment or a desperate attempt to pin flags to a map!), these strong working relationships enable us to have broader communication strategy discussions.

This benefits clients in a number of ways:

- you have the confidence and support necessary to execute your global media strategy efficiently and effectively.

-you have the knowledge and support required to identify, develop and manage the ‘big idea’.

- you can ensure that local, often more tactical media solutions, support the long-term development of your brand.

- while benefiting from efficient central control you are still able to remain open to the nuances and cost competitiveness associated with having a ‘local touch’.

In addition, our partner offices, like us, are staffed by people capable of and experienced at thinking originally on a multi-market basis. Most speak several languages and represent a variety of nationalities. They are supported by lifestyle data, media consumption data, schedule performance evaluation data, competitive expenditure, attribution modelling and of course a basic knowledge of the latest production and technical issues, on-line and off.

Our Location

Our Location

28 Eccleston Square, London, SW1V 1NZ, United Kingdom
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